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IES Radio #4 – Wholesaling, Fix and Flipping and Building a Portfolio with Dan Clarton

Great interview with full time real estate investor Dan Clarton of Riverside Hope LLC and out of the Chicago area discussing the basic systems and opportunities that come along with creating your own real estate wholesaling business model, fix and flipping homes in specific neighborhoods to make massive profits, and building a rental portfolio. […]

The Investor Empowerment Series Podcast 3 – Chris Davis

In this episode we discuss the transition from getting started as a buy and hold investor to full time fix and flipper doing 20 fix and flips per year while continuing to grow a rental portfolio. Court Foreclosure Judicial Sale auctions are discussed, MLS strategies, and maximizing profits in fix and flips. Chris and I […]

The Investor Empowerment Series Podcast 2- Acquisition Strategies

The Investor Empowerment Series Podcast 2- Acquisition Strategies. How many pipelines are you using to bring in Dealflow to your real estate investment business? In this episode, our host, Joe Mueller, discusses options every investor can utilize to continue to grow your real estate business and acquire more property- either for fix and flipping or […]

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